DiCentral: Web-Hosted EDI Integration Solutions in Supply Chain

Thuy Mai, Chairman and CEO, dicentralThuy Mai, Chairman and CEO
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has an immense potential for a seamless exchange of information throughout the supply chain. In the current scenario, there is a huge dearth of on-demand B2B data integration and supply chain automation solutions, along with a need for a unique technology platform with robust and cost-effective EDI management. At the forefront of addressing these needs, DiCentral provides supplier performance management software and services and serves the EDI industry segment. “Our web-based EDI process enables clients to send their documents easily and effectively, with the confidence that their logistics compliant EDI transactions are processed with proper data and under unique EDI guidelines,” says Thuy Mai, Chairman and CEO, DiCentral.

The company’s DiIntegrator solution allows the clients to take EDI beyond the traditional hosting models in order to provide integration, mapping, control, communication and visibility. DiIntegrator is a single source EDI integration solution which streamlines the customer support functionality. Companies using NetSuite ERP turn to DiIntegrator for the most comprehensive hosted EDI integration services in the market. The solution pre-configures trading partner patterns with built in business processes. It gives an unmatched visibility in the outbound and inbound data. The inventory update is dynamic which synchronizes the correct shipping information alongside the NetSuite ERP. The add-on modules are available for increased functionality. DiIntegrator has several key benefits because it simplifies the EDI experience by improving return-on-investment. Errors caused by manual data entry are eliminated. The order-to-cash process is speeded up and valuable resources can be re-allocated to focus on core businesses. “Our broad range of web-hosted software solutions enables buyers, suppliers, and logistics providers to seamlessly exchange data throughout their supply chain network,” elaborates Mai.

Their data integration solution is scalable to the size, growth, and unique requirements of each business and DiCentral, additionally develops and markets a complementary suite of supply chain applications for EDI testing, distribution, vendor managed inventory, scan-based trading, replenishment as well as data synchronization.

“Another solution, DiAnalyst allows our clients to view and analyze sales performance through meaningful reports and distributes the reports throughout their business,” states Mai. Generating summaries of product activity for all segments of the logistics business enhances collaboration with retailers and improves forecasting of future business planning. “The business can also take comfort in our expert technical support staff; whether the clients need new EDI mapping, a data integration solution, or assistance with a technical issue.” Sales analysis and reports give rise to an empowered and impassioned corporate culture with DiAnalyst. The analytical capabilities, detailed breakdowns, and rolled-up summaries of product activity are the mission-critical features of DiAnalyst. “Sharing point of sale data, once a technical challenge, has now been made easier than ever with DiAnalyst's web-hosted analytical solution,” elaborates Mai.

Our web-based EDI process enables clients to send their documents easily and effectively, with the confidence that their logistics compliant EDI transactions are processed with proper data and under unique EDI guidelines

Dicentral offers an advanced, cost-effective, hosted EDI solution through DiWeb. The EDI transactions are effortlessly transmitted, validated, and completed without delays. DiWeb offers real-time visibility of all the documents throughout the entire supply chain.

It’s an exciting time in the EDI industry, and DiCentral is proud to be at the forefront of new technologies. Offering a seamless EDI integration to or from any backend application, “Our industry leadership gives the clients assurance that we understand EDI challenges, demonstrating our ability to help” says Mai.