Everyday EDI: A Simplified Approach to EDI

Jerry Voors, President, Everyday EDIJerry Voors, President
What was once founded as an electronic messaging tool to send cargo information for military, has evolved over the years as an integral part of large volume data transmissions. As technologies mature, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) processes, its implementation, and compliance have not been an easy feat. Today, EDI has been a long grind for small to medium size businesses where EDI needs have to be met frequently. Transforming the challenge into an idea of conception for his company, Jerry Voors and his team discovered an integrated web solution to make EDI simple. “Many people fail to recognize the challenge that EDI presents to the five million small businesses in the U.S. If you want to sell your product to most major retailers, you need to understand EDI. Our goal is to make EDI simple for them,” says Voors, Everyday EDI’s President.

Bringing into service the broad-gauged knowledge in the EDI landscape, Everyday EDI’s web-based, mobile capable solution enables a simplified way to transmit and receive EDI documents, eradicating complex task, training and overhead costs. Besides saving costs and complication of filling out spreadsheets in a custom software, the solution can quickly comply with requirements for all EDI transactions and a large number of retail trading partners. From sending ship notices to invoice, the firm’s simple online EDI solution processes documents in an automated fashion to reduce errors and usher cost effectiveness.

Everyday EDI assists suppliers to the hardware, grocery, and retail chains to leverage their custom solutions for FTP file transfers, manual data entry and testing. Their web solution allows transferring all standard EDI files and reports through FTP for nurturing efficiency by eliminating manual processes.

Provider of an integrated web solution for EDI to lower costs and complications in processing orders

Further, Everyday EDI utilizes custom written programs for making communication seamless where any standard file format, standardized spreadsheets, CSV, XML, or ASCII positional files can be converted into EDI.

For companies that still haven’t embraced the modern forms of communication, Everyday EDI allows such clients to send in their EDI documents and paper invoices through mail or fax. The team at Everyday EDI converts these documents and transmits them to trading partners using EDI. For sending EDI documents through emails, the firm determines the type of each document for relevant recipient and sends it to one or multiple email addresses. In addition to this, the firm also meets the need for shipping label creation, warehousing, and fulfillment by providing GS1/UCC-128 labels and barcodes, services like picking, packing, labeling, and shipping the product.

With over 25 years of domain experience and over 7000 client relationships, Everyday EDI has served clients across 50 different states in the U.S. with its variety of low cost solutions. In a recent case, Presco Enterprises, maker of Carolina Keeper, needed an EDI solution for meeting the complicated EDI requirements for advance ship notices, purchase orders, and invoicing in its fishing supply business. With Everyday EDI’s smartphone enabled solution, the client was able to send its online received labels from retailers for print and pick-up, and was able to submit ship notices and invoice online in a simplified manner. Everyday EDI’s solution brought down Preston’s total investment to less than $100 for setting-up each retailer.

Moving ahead, Everyday EDI is foraying deeper into the domain to dramatically reduce costs and complications in the area of processing orders. “Everyday EDI is proud to have evolved over the last 25 years from a small data entry business ripping open envelopes to a leading provider of EDI translation services in North America,” concludes Voors.