HighJump Software: Breaking Information Exchange Boundaries for Seamless Logistics Operations

Nick Manolis, President, highjump softwareNick Manolis, President
Logistics industry, an ecosystem of various players from producers, transports to retailers, often has to deal with huge amount of data exchange. Involvement of people and paper affects the speed, productivity and efficiency of document exchange, thus making the logistics industry move its course to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). It is a system that methodizes exchanging business documents with entities and integrating the data into internal systems without human intervention. Bringing such EDI integrations to the fore is Minneapolis-based HighJump Software. The company’s EDI solutions gather and communicate information in real time to manage variability, and efficiently match supply to demand.

HighJump has been providing comprehensive EDI solutions to every business needs successfully for over fifteen years. The company’s TrueCommerce EDI Platform is utilized to exchange millions of data transactions across wide range of industries. The platform when combined with TrueCommerce Professional Services and Support provides a truly complete EDI solution from one source. TrueCommerce EDI Platform consists of EDI Software which translates raw EDI data into business documents like purchase order or an invoice. Its EDI Trading Network allows seamless transmission of EDI documents through an EDI Network (VAN) with all trading partners. The platform’s Integration and Trading Partner Maps format EDI transactions to match company’s clients’ requirements.

TrueCommerce EDI Transaction Manager is the central software product on the TrueCommerce EDI Platform which easily supports any trading partner using the ANSI ASC X12 EDI standards or the UN/EDIFACT standard, converting business documents such as purchase orders and invoices into an EDI compliant format. What makes TrueCommerce EDI Transaction Manager a critical enabler and a competitive differentiator is its ease to be installed in any individual desktop or can be configured in as a client server allowing multiple users to access it at the same time.

This enables companies to integrate and build customized EDI solutions with continual support from start, through implementation, to deployment, and final production with trading partners. “We provide team of experts trained in deployment services and support specialists to virtually any business system giving it an unparalleled niche in the market,” says Nick Manolis, President of TrueCommerce EDI Solutions Group.

We provide team of experts trained in deployment services and support specialists to virtually any business system giving it an unparalleled niche in the market

Roma Marble a client with HighJump was appealed by one of their largest customers to implement a country wide EDI system. Roma Marbles account receivable administrator who was responsible for ordering and implementing the new electronic based system had limited technical skills and no knowledge of EDI systems or providers. The company had to find a way to merge their internal custom item number coding with the trading partners electronic based standardized codes. Which if failed to comply with, would have resulted in huge penalties. TrueCommerce EDI Platform solution worked with their customer helping them to maintain their internal coding matching with partner’s codes, thus benefitting the company with their simple affordable EDI solution, helping them to connect with their client and increase productivity.

HighJump is having its presence in 77 countries and through acquisitions is looking forward to expand its reach. Furthermore company is enlarging its logistics offerings with more integrated services in managing customers warehousing, manufacturing, transportation, distribution, trading partner integration, delivery routes and retail stores making it a diversified and a one stop EDI solution entity. Company’s growth strategy also includes R&D and acquisition, integrating the best practices and support for international operations that will benefit the customers.