Nipendo: Procure-to-Pay Automation

Eyal Rosenberg, Co-founder and CEO, NipendoEyal Rosenberg, Co-founder and CEO
Prompted by the advent of new technologies, the world of supplier networks and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is undergoing a major transformation towards seamless connectivity. As a next-generation EDI and supplier network provider, Nipendo is unique in how it enables Procure-to- Pay (P2P) automation, enhancing supply chain visibility and accelerating order-to-cash cycles.

With the vision of connecting businesses to their supplier ecosystem in a seamless, paperless, and frictionless manner, Eyal Rosenberg, Co-founder and CEO of Nipendo, explains how they automate the P2P process through its multi-enterprise cloud platform— Nipendo Supplier Cloud. The platform allows buyers and suppliers to interact electronically and remove the vast majority of manual touch points throughout the entire P2P process.

Building on years of intimate familiarity with the challenges of B2B integration and the limitations of existing solutions, Rosenberg’s idea was simple yet revolutionary: “If we can understand the content of the documents passing through the system and know the business process logic, we can dramatically simplify integration, eliminate manual intervention, prevent errors, and automate decision making.”

Nipendo’s technology allows enterprises to leapfrog from a centralized to distributed supplier network. Once connected to the network, they can communicate with any organization without any additional integration or customization. It brings buyers and suppliers closer, providing them with end-to-end P2P process automation and removing barriers to entry for all suppliers, regardless of size and technical capabilities.

The goal here is to connect buyers and suppliers through a unifying language that enables automation of the entire Procure-to- Pay process

Utilizing Nipendo’s real-time invoice approval and reconciliation capabilities, organizations are able to optimize their working capital positions, capture a greater portion of available early-payment discounts, accelerate cash conversion cycles, and provide suppliers with a range of financing options. “We enable enterprises to rapidly achieve over 90 percent straight-through processing of all supplier invoices directly to their existing ERP systems,” adds Rosenberg. “Our system validates supplier invoices against any number of documents including contracts, POs, and shipping receipts. These validations prompt the supplier to fix any invoice errors before they are submitted—speeding up the process once an invoice is received on the buyer side.”

The company’s cloud-based platform has standard integration with most common ERPs and supports all common file standards including EDI and cXML. Once linked to the Nipendo platform, organizations can communicate and collaborate electronically with all current and future partners with no additional investment, regardless of their ERP system, data requirements, or specific business processes. To ensure security and privacy, buyers and suppliers can selectively dispense the information they would like to share with each trade partner.

Nipendo Supplier Cloud can manage all types of spend categories, automating even the most complex P2P processes and eliminating the need for separate solutions across the organization. While some organizations look at Nipendo as a way to expand their current EDI programs, others view the Nipendo solution as a way to leapfrog EDI altogether. By forming strategic partnerships with leading service providers operating across five continents, the company is rapidly expanding its global footprint. “We enable companies across the globe to transform their supply chains from simple connectivity and labor-intensive operations to robotic process automation—this is what companies need in order to compete in this new networked era,” concludes Rosenberg.