Tangentia Commerce Gateway: Enterprise Class Managed Services Cloud EDI

Vijay Thomas, Managing Partner , tangentia commerce gatewayVijay Thomas, Managing Partner
Enterprises have a consistent requirement for electronic data exchanges between various systems and particularly B2B inter-enterprise interactions without human intervention. Tangentia, a Toronto-based company has leveraged their boutique consulting heritage and embraced the cloud to create an EDI service that flows seamlessly with today’s interconnected business reality.

Tangentia’s proprietary solution called Tangentia Commerce Gateway (T-Gateway) is an enterprise cloud-based EDI solution for businesses that prefer to outsource their EDI operations entirely. “We take care of the client’s entire EDI process in the cloud and integrate their EDI into back-end systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and Accounting Systems,” assures Vijay Thomas, Managing Partner at Tangentia. T-gateway integrates with major ERP systems like PeopleSoft, Oracle, NetSuite, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, and SAP. It also supports all major EDI standards–ANSI X12, EDIFACT, RosettaNet, Odette, XML etc. “T-Gateway ensures EDI connectivity to 2000+retailers, manufacturers and automotive hubs and offer lifetime EDI compliance guarantee with no mapping or label charges. T-Gateway is certified by IBM as being enterprise ready and is a part of the IBM global solution directory. 1000+ customers including 11 Fortune 500 customers have discovered accelerated Return on Investment (ROI) by deploying T-Gateway.”

Some companies have made large investments in their EDI infrastructure but do not really have the human resources to manage their infrastructure with the 24/7/365 responsive support that modern businesses demand and don’t want to move to the cloud. Tangentia offers application management services around IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, GXS AI, Seeburger, SAP PI, WTX etc. In addition, Tangentia offers a service called EDI Mapping Factory.

“Our EDI Mapping Factory works on EDI projects for multiple customers and hence we have economies of scale and responsiveness that beats most in-house EDI groups” points Vijay. “Once these customers are comfortable with outsourcing many have moved to the fully outsourced T-Gateway model which requires no software, no hardware and no EDI expertise in-house.”

Tangentia’s EDI Mapping Factory service found a winning application in the fashion logistics business where specifications change rapidly. Tangentia Mapping Factory took over the entire EDI process to deliver increased response time to client requirements by up to 40 percent, reduced management and process overheads and cost reduction of 50 percent. Another customer in the food distribution business outsourced their EDI entirely and migrated to T-Gateway and their savings were over 60 percent over the cost of owning EDI software and having an in-house team.

We take care of the entire EDI process in the cloud and increasing managing not just EDI but order management (OMS), API management as well as Omni-Channel

T-Gateway customers include the largest Logistics Company in India, the largest alcohol retailer in Canada, the largest global appliance company, a leading semiconductor manufacturer on the US West Coast and many global brands with operations globally. T-Gateway customers benefit Tangentia’s 24/7 support centres in North America & India. The key customer base for T-Gateway is mid-sized companies that need enterprise level EDI and don’t want to have an in-house team to manage any trading partner compliance. The value proposition however appeals to larger Fortune 500 companies as well and some of them use T-Gateway for specialized transactions like RosettaNet or to bridge special events like mergers & acquisitions.

“Our vision is to be the leading global EDI, Supply Chain and Omni- Channel cloud solution offering connectivity, orchestration and digital services to Retail, Logistics and CPG customer’s globally. We hope to maintain momentum in our growth story,” concludes Vijay.