Tranztec Solutions: Boosting EDI Adoption for all Carriers

Toby W. Miller, President and CEO, tranztec solutionsToby W. Miller, President and CEO
Over the past decade, there has been a strong emergence of load tracking in the logistics industry. Large companies have fueled this trend, making it a standard for doing business while smaller companies have suffered. Logistics companies prefer the flexibility of using small carriers; however, many of these small carriers don’t use EDI or even have mobile communication devices in their trucks due to the high costs associated with adoption.

Tranztec Solutions, a premier transportation technology provider based out of Perrysburg, OH looks to change this trend by providing the logistics companies as well as carriers the technology required to implement EDI while avoiding the costs associated.

One striking aspect that spotlights Toby W. Miller, CEO of Tranztec Solutions, is his uncompromising desire to overcome any impediment that comes his way. “Whenever someone tells me that something can’t be done, I find a way to achieve it,” states Miller. This positive outlook is evident in the manner he leads his company. “We constantly challenge the status quo by dismissing the common notion that the current way of doing things is the only way to do it.”

Tranztec differentiates itself from the completion by focusing on a solution based model that is catered to individual customers and offering services that can be rapidly adopted. “We solve the problems our customers are facing; we don’t just do EDI for the sake of doing EDI,” said Miller.

Tranztec’s VIA®platform is proving to be one of the innovative solutions offered by the company. VIA® enables logistics companies to seamlessly track and communicate with their fleet by utilizing a built in mobile GPS and wireless network. The application facilitates gaining a driver’s arrival and departure status, load and stop information, proof of delivery, and other tracking information. “Our application works in real time to send the necessary EDI messages such as shipping documents,” says Miller. VIA Mobile additionally integrates with an enterprise’s Transport Management System (TMS) to work in parallel with the mainstream frameworks. “These large-scale benefits break down the barriers of logistics processes, and drives lowered costs and streamlined communication,” adds Miller.

VIA® gives logistics companies a way of doing EDI with small carriers in a way that benefits carrier, allows them to implement EDI, and do so at a reasonable cost. “VIA® will change the way companies do business by providing tools that enable unparalleled team collaboration and communication across a company and do it at an affordable price,” states Miller.

Supporting the VIA® application is the company’s, Tranzactor Integration Suite that includes comprehensive which allows built-in EDI support, decision support services, and extensibility through process automation. “Everyone wants to do EDI differently,” Miller Explains, “formats range from SQL, to xml, to excel books and this makes it extremely expensive and difficult to implement EDI. VIA® and Tranzactor™ make this much easier.”

Tranztec’s cost-effective EDI management solutions, including VIA®, are a result of their focus on rapidly innovating their proprietary, patent pending integration engine to apply new technology to solve problems without having to rebuild or modify existing integrations. “We are never limited by legacy constraints or technology barriers as our system leverages standardized transportation objects to enable interoperability at an unprecedented level.” Besides the proficiency at a technical level, Tranztec’s consistent R&D investments are pivotal to the long term growth and success of their customers.

To summarize Tranztec’s expertise, Miller offers an interesting case study. A small transportation organization was faced with the challenge of implementing EDI due to the demands of some of its largest trading partners in which it relied on for much of its core business. The company was unable to afford a conventional TMS, owing to heavy costs, and lacked the resources as well as knowledge base to effectively tackle the testing, certification, implementation of the EDI mapping process. To make matters worse, the third party VAN costs for processing EDI messages were consuming any profit margins earned from acquired loads and were effectively running the company out of business.

In the end, our focus is more than just EDI, EDI being just one small piece of a larger solution that encompasses all technology whether mobile, web, or anything else

In response to this scenario, the client turned to Tranztec to use their enterprise-class managed EDI solutions. “Our VIA platform not only fulfilled the tracing and planning needs of the client, but also fetched complete EDI messages through our efficient File Transfer Protocol (FTP),” says Miller. As a result, the client was able to handle external pressures of its trading partners and significantly reduce their overhead costs.

Currently, Tranztec provides integrations for some of the largest transportation companies and mobile-communication providers in the industry. Looking ahead, the company strives to reach new heights by continuing to expand on this market as well as add more advance insights and technology to their portfolio.